Analytics & Tracking

Mail Metrics is our custom built MI reporting tool. This tool offers online closed loop reporting providing full track and trace on every envelope or email, sent or received. Fully transparent, fully compliant.

When outsourcing back office functions, it is essential that companies know how well their chosen partners are performing. Transparency engenders trust and trust is the basis for any lasting relationship. We believe in transparency in all that we do, so every metric we track is available in real time through our custom built web tool, Mail Metrics

Our software developers constantly collaborate with our operations personnel to build innovative solutions for our clients needs. This is how our software tool Mail Metrics was born.

Many of our clients work in heavily regulated industries and from and audit perspective, they need to have exceptional track and trace capabilities for every single document they send or receive from customers. We need to be able to demonstrate who handled each document, when, for how long and if in doing so they met or failed to meet SLA’s. Such technology was not readily available, so we built it.

Drill down on every single envelope and see when it was processed, printed, packed and mailed. If the document was sent electronically you can also see when the e-doc was processed, emailed and opened. Mail Metrics can easily cater to bounced emails or unopened emails, after a number of unsuccessful reminders, the document can be printed.