Persona offers a wide range of document solutions services to meet business requirements, in the context of today's highlighted key market challenges. Our experienced professionals work with our clients to offer innovative, yet practical, solutions that add real business value and that help to achieve the client’s strategic business objectives.

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Our Services

Our comprehensive services portfolio is unmatched in the Irish market and is underpinned by a level of responsiveness and flexibility which our clients consistently tell us is one of our most valued attributes.

Print Management


Gain control of your entire document environment. Save resources by reducing print costs by 30%

Transactional Print & Mail

Print & Mail

Transactional print and mail services delivered by state of the art technology; providing secure, reliable and high speed batch printing accredited to ISO27001 standards.

Document Generation


The generation of personalised documents can be a difficult job. Multiple business rules and processing logic can result in a complex web we have the skills to manage. Just send us RAW data and we will generate the documents for you.

Business Process Outsourcing


Back office administrative services such as data processing, printing, inserting, scanning, storage and retrieval can drain your resources.

Post Room Solutions

Post Room

Back office operations are a drain on key resources. Why let administrative tasks take away from your core business objectives? We’re here to help.

Scanning & Indexing

& Indexing

We help you convert your paper-based documents into an editable, electronic format so that you can access them and retrieve the required information within seconds through our wide range of document scanning and document indexing services.

E-document Solutions


Digitise your outgoing documentation with our highly configurable, fully compliant e-document delivery solution.

Analytics & Tracking

& Tracking

Mail Metrics is our custom built MI reporting tool. This tool offers online closed loop reporting providing full track and trace on every envelope or email, sent or received. Fully transparent, fully compliant.